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Guided Group Discovery Participant Workbook

About The Workbook

Thank you for participating in Guided Group Discovery. This workbook is designed to accompany you as you journey through the sessions with a facilitator. There are some things that make this online version of the workbook different from the printed version. Please be aware:

  • You will need to select a Session or Assignment from the table (below). As you get through a Session or Assignment, you will be returned to this homepage. You can get back to the homepage by finishing a Session or hitting the “Go back to the last page” several times.
  • On each screen, “Go back to the last page” and “Save my work and go to the next page” buttons are available at the end. Please use these buttons to move through the screens rather than your browser arrows (at the top of your screen), or you might see an error message. If you get an error message, refresh the screen and the workbook should appear again. To refresh your screen,
    • PC: press Ctrl + F5
    • Mac: press Apple + R or Cmd + R
  • When you press “Go back to the last page” and “Save my work and go to the next page” at the bottom of a screen, all of the information entered by you on the screen will be saved.
  • When you enter your name and email address on the first screen of Session 1, a link to your personal workbook will be sent to that email address. Check your spam or junk mail folders if you don’t see an email with the subject, “Link to Your Workbook” from this email address: Guided Group Discovery Participant Workbook. With this link, you can reopen the Workbook you started and add to, edit, or review your information at any time. This is the only way you can get back to your information. Please save this link. You will use it every time you want to access your workbook.
  • The status of each session and assignment is shown in the table below. The default for each is “Not Answered.” Once you have started, the status can change to:
    • Answered – at least one field in the section has been completed
    • Complete – all fields on all pages are complete
    • Finished – all pages have been visited, but not all fields are complete
  • The Blueprint will show as “Not Started” until you select the link to open the page. After that, the status for the Blueprint in the table will show as “Answered.”
  • Please return to the homepage to save and exit. (See exit button at the bottom of the page.) However, if you close the document without doing this, your information will still be saved.
Section Status Actions
Session 1: Introduction to Guided Group Discovery Not Started
Assignment #1 - Building Your Team of Supporters Not Started
Session 2: Interests and Contributions Not Started
Assignment #2 - Contributions Chart Not Started
Session 3: Conditions, Accommodations, and Disclosure Not Started
Assignment #3: Personal Disclosure Decisions Not Started
Session 4: The Art and Science of Networking Not Started
Assignment #4 - Mapping Personal Contacts & Practice Networking Not Started
Session 5: Pulling It All Together—Taking Action Not Started
Blueprint for Employment Not Started